mtvU Woodie Awards: Wiz Khalifa Has More Than An Album To Sell You

Wiz Khalifa's got a lot going for him. Cover of "Rolling Stone." Cover of "The Fader." His own Terrible Towel. At age 23, he's got more albums and mixtapes than you have casual Facebook friends, and one of the most unforgettable, most-remixed hip-hop songs of the first decade of the 2000s, with one of the most star-studded remixes on record. He's also got a Woodie Of The Year nomination, and he looks smokin' in a suit. Oh, and he's got a brand-new album, Rolling Papers, out March 29. That'd be more than enough for me to retire early on and live out the rest of my days playing Words With Friends. But despite his infectiously easy-going demeanor, Wiz Khalifa is a classic overachiever. Not content to dedicate his new album, Rolling Papers, to one of his favorite, oft-cited recreational pursuits, Wiz Khalifa's also got a special complement to his album: actual rolling papers. Not only can you LISTEN to Wiz Khalifa's Rolling Papers, but you can... experience them too. I know, because Wiz Khalifa -- who is approximately 17 million feet taller than I am -- gave me two packs. Jealous?

I caught up with Wiz Khalifa outside of his trailer during rehearsals for the 2011 Woodie Awards, where he'll perform live (at the Woodies, not outside of his trailer) and possibly go home with a Woodie Of The Year (Side note: as you can see, both of us found "Woodie Of The Yeart" funny. And actually, pretty much every artist I talked to about the Woodies couldn't help but make a phallic joke... and can you blame them?) It was there that Wiz Khalifa showed me his first tattoo, revealed the artist he still hasn't worked with yet (watch and find out), and -- ever the hustler -- gifted me with two packs of his special papers, which he dutifully, proudly presented like he was selling them by the millions on QVC. Given Wiz Khalifa's charm, talent, and success, if QVC traded in that sort of thing, they'd sell out in seconds.

Watch Wiz Khalifa's 2011 mtvU Woodies interview. And don't miss the The 2011 mtvU Woodie Awards air live on MTV, MTV2 and mtvU from South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday, March 16, at midnight (ET/PT).