Indie Music Month Video Premiere: Dropkick Murphys, 'Memorial Day'

Dropkick Murphys

As part of MTV's Indie Music Month, we're premiering videos from some of the most exciting artists in the indie music scene. Today, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, Irish Celtic punk band Dropkick Murphys debuts a brand-new video for their song "Memorial Day." Wait, whaaa?

Man, we had a perfect theme video going until the title. Still, the seven-piece band from Massachusetts has been crafting punk gems for nearly 15 years, so if it's Memorial Day on St. Patrick's Day, don't argue with them.

The video takes place inside a leadership conference, complete with the requisite awkward dancing and those scary trust games where you fall backward into a group of strangers. Yeah, not for us. Meanwhile, one of the attendees looks back on a life of begging for money, getting bullied and being arrested. We'll still take any of those over that trust game.

+ Watch Dropkick Murphys' "Memorial Day" video.