Video You Need To Know: Rebecca Black, 'Friday'

If you don't yet know Rebecca Black by name, there's still a good chance you know her face. The 13-year-old has been making the rounds in a music video for her song "Friday."

We wouldn't be out of line to suggest that the video has gone viral for all the wrong reasons -- more than 5 million people have already watched Rebecca Black's "Friday" video on YouTube -- but we're not here to dump on the kid. (Though, to be frank, she ain't no Willow Smith). We're here to show you what everyone's been talking about, and everyone has been talking about ... Rebecca Black.

Rebecca Black is a recording artist under Ark Music Factory, a production-for-hire company that finds "talent" mostly among kids, for whom they write songs and shoot videos, hoping that one of them will eventually become the next Justin Bieber.

What set the internet aflame with squeals of delight is that Rebecca Black's "Friday" video is pretty, um, not good, considering it contains the following: terrible graphics, braces, endless Auto-Tune, a random older dude rapping -- surprise! It's Pato, another Ark artist -- and lyrics such as "Partying, partying (yeah)/Partying, partying (yeah)/Fun Fun Fun" and "Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday/Today it is Friday, Friday ... Tomorrow is Saturday."  Not quite "Born This Way," to say the least.

Even if they're trying to make a quick buck, the Ark Factory has found a sort of backward, demented success in Rebecca, whose video has already spawned countless parodies, leading us to ask the question: Is online fame a blessing, a curse or both?

+ Watch Rebecca Black's video, "Friday."