Ke$ha Gives Up Bottle Of Jack, Now Drinks Blood

(Credit: Getty)

OK, so she didn't bite the head off a live bat (that's Prince of Darkness territory). But Ke$ha, the glittering garbage-bag wearer with a bevy of dance-pop hits under her tattered, Native American-inspired belt, did spend the weekend continuing to expand her crazy girl image by "drinking blood from a human heart" onstage in Sydney.

Also, onstage was a 6-foot uh, male member,  which proves that, indeed, Ke$ha knows how to misbehave. Perhaps the blood-guzzling stunt went a little too far (c'mon, girl, we know that's chocolate syrup and food coloring), but it doesn't look like anything is about to slow her down. Nevertheless, are we now supposed to consider her a vampire, too, in addition to unicorn conspirator and punk Disney princess? That would definitely be a smart move on her part, considering how hard 'Twilight' fans love them some bloodsuckers.

First, she wakes up in random bathtubs and brushes her "teef" with whiskey, and now she's drinking human blood? Pick your battles, wisely K-dawg!

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