Indie Music Month Video Premiere: Eulogies, 'You Hide'

As part of MTV's Indie Music Month, we're premiering videos from some of the most exciting artists in the indie music scene. Today, we're delighted to bring you a very charming clip for a very charming song ("You Hide") from very charming L.A. indie rockers, Eulogies.

Eulogies formed in 2007 when singer/songwriter Peter Walker ganged up with drummer Chris Reynolds to flesh out his otherwise stellar solo work. Later joined by Drew Phillips on guitar and Ashley Dzerigian on bass, Eulogies quickly put their playful foot forward, cranking out an eponymous debut filled with the kind of lively melodies that immediately come to mind every time someone mentions "indie pop."

The video for "You Hide" will take you back to your childhood, when puppy love blossomed on the playground. Remember the days when you let your crush know how you felt by inviting them to a simple game of hide and seek? Yeah, there's a lot of that going on here.

Eulogies' third full-length album, Tear The Fences Down, is out now.

+ Watch Eulogies' video for "You Hide."