Indie Music Month Video Premiere: Mogwai, 'San Pedro'

(Credit: Getty)

As part of MTV's Indie Music Month, we're premiering videos from some of the most exciting artists in the indie music scene. And this happy Sunday we have a video from supremo Scottish post-rock giants Mogwai for their song "San Pedro."

We last heard from this avant-garde five-piece over the summer, when the band released their first (!!!) live album-DVD combo, Special Moves, which was recorded during a series of Brooklyn performances in 2009. This time, the boys are back with a proper studio effort, Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will.

"San Pedro" is a sort of back-to-basics song for the band, who've always forgone vocal tracks in favor of complex, crescendoing instrumentals. Here, the star is the aggressive, near-headbanging guitar riff and cymbal-heavy percussion. Blink, and you'd think you were listening to Foo Fighters.

And that brings us to the video for "San Pedro." From the point of view of a shaky handheld camera, the video follows a mysterious black-suited man as he walks the streets of Brooklyn (holla!). Where's he going? I dunno. Why is he going there? Dunno that either. Is he ever going to turn around? You'll have to watch and see.

Mogwai's Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will is available now.

+ Watch Mogwai's "San Pedro" video.