Wanna Listen To Nick Lachey's New Song About Winning At Basketball?

(Credit: Splash News)

Who's the first person you'd think of to pen a theme song for the 2011 Big East Basketball Championship? Nick Lachey. Obviously.

Nick Lachey wrote the song "Last One Standing" specifically for the Big East championship. Nick, a basketball fan and Cincinnati native said, "I have grown a strong affinity to the Big East since [University of Cincinnati] joined the conference, and think that this song represents the true test that these inspiring student-athletes face by competing in this league." The former 98°-er will perform "Last One Standing" live at the men's basketball championship finals this Saturday.

"Last One Standing" is a new sound for Nick Lachey, and we have to say it's perfect as the theme song for the BIG EAST conference. The thing about theme songs is that they must be able to seamlessly accompany energetic montages of related imagery -- think "Highway To The Dangerzone" from Top Gun or "Supermodel" from Clueless. We can see it now: Just as Nick Lachey is belting out the words, "I won't let the victory slip through my fingers/I'm gonna raise the trophy, let the feeling linger," Famous College Basketball Guy is slow-mo dunking the game-saving two points while the crowd goes wild! Or, like stuffing a basket over a four-door, standard-size sedan. Go, sports!

+ Listen to Nick Lachey's "Last One Standing." SPOOOOOORTS!