We Have To Say Something About Avril Lavigne's Rainbow Hair

(Credit: Zev Schmitz/MTV)

Avril Lavigne's wild multicolored hair has us on a breathless Google image search rampage -- we're obsessed with them, and kind of -- with her, herself. First, she lands Brody Jenner, who is so ridiculously good-looking, it's like looking at the SUN. Hey (hey) you (Avril) we DO like your boyfriend. But we digress. Anywho. We can't explain it, but we're enchanted by Avril Lavigne's Rainbow Brite striped hair. She's done red stripes before, but the green highlights? This hair moment is so The Grinch-meets-Christina Aguilera circa 2000. Avril's long, blond hair has long been covet-worthy, but it took some Crayola 8-pack highlights for us to seriously get the VAPORS.

As Avril's shirt appropriately suggests, our love for her strangely appealing hair concept seems to be real. But our love for Avril's hair is also... complicated. We're pretty sure we couldn't pull this hair color off ourselves. BUT STILL, it's The Best Damn Thing. Avril Lavigne, you're wearing that hair color and not letting it wear you. What the hell. We love it.