Watch MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week Graffiti6 Perform Live

(Credit: Michele Crowe/MTV)

British duo and MTV PUSH artist Graffiti6 is a multi-hyphenate musical conglomerate: Lead singer Jamie Scott is a singer/songwriter and producer, while bandmate TommyD is a producer as well as a singer/songwriter. The two trade off playing an entire band's worth of instruments between them. So it makes perfect sense that the music they create is also a multi-hyphenate affair, inventing new combinations of pop, folk, R&B, hip-hop, rock, blues and soul to create a dangerously palatable modern mix. From the hypnotic electro-soul of "Staring Into The Sun" to the folk-rootsy guitar-driven harmonics of "Annie You Save Me," Graffiti6 continues to run from conventional music genres (with an uncanny knack for expertly alternating between acoustic and electronic versions of the same song) like a cop chasing a speeding sports car.

In the live videos below, watch Graffiti6 rework the electro formula of "Staring Into The Sun," turning it into an a less aloof, more intimate acoustic affair. Plus, watch Jamie Scott discuss the band's diverse musical background and check out mtvU's Backstage Pass video to see how the band describes its sound. (Hint, if you were thinking "psychedelic-northern-soul-stroke-folk music," you were right.) And watch more Graffiti6 interviews and live performances.