New Song: Chris Brown Featuring Justin Bieber, 'Next 2 You'

(Credit: Getty Images)

A new track off Chris Brown's upcoming album, F.A.M.E., has leaked, and it features teen heartthrob JUSTIN DREW BIEBER! "Next 2 U," an up-tempo, inspirational, R&B-heavy track, is saccharine-sweet, with lyrics like "You are my dream/There’s not a thing I won’t do/I’d give my life up for you." Got it, boys. This one's for the ladies, and your unyielding love for their love. It ain't new, but it's still cute.

Nevertheless, it may continue to raise eyebrows as we enter a strange phase in Chris Brown's career, nearing the release of an album whose title stands for both "Fans Are My Everything" and "Forgiving All My Enemies." Considering the unforgettable incident that went down between Chris Brown and his ex, Rihanna, it's odd -- if anything else -- to see him recognize his haters, who are kinda entitled to hate if they so choose, you know?

Speaking of Chris Brown's haters, in upcoming issue of Page Six Magazine, Chris Brown says, "At the end of the day, if I walk around apologizing to everybody, I’m gonna look like a damn fool." No, actually, you'd probably look more like a flawed human being respectably acknowledging his mistakes, using your star wattage to publicly denounce domestic abuse and earning the respect of those who can identify with a similarly dangerous -- if not fatal -- situation. (Also, anyone else find it questionable that he referred to the crime as a "mishap"?)

And hey, we know Justin Bieber is a famously softhearted cutie who couldn't harm a fly (unless that fly was accidentally squashed by swagger, duh), but you might as well set an example for the kid who's following in your very footsteps. Not that he needs it, but maybe show him how you do that thing where you, like, somehow manage to dance on the wall.

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