POSTED: Snoop Dogg On Emulating E-40, Making Perfect Chicken

(Credit: Cheryl Fox)

We're proud to announce that MTV's POSTED Artist of the Month is The Doggfather himself, the man who helped bring funk back to hip-hop and remains one of music's most charismatic figures: Snoop Dogg. The rapper has been blessing us with a bounty of enlightening videos recently, ranging from the origin of his name to his first ride.

We got two more Snoop videos, though, that you may not have seen. In the first, Snoop and fellow Cali rapper E-40 reminisce about the first time they met in the early 1990s and returning to E-40's mansion years later to play basketball.

"Man, you have some of the flyest s*** I've ever seen," says Snoop, incredulously. Snoop was so impressed with the E-40 setup -- a basketball court, studio and family under one roof -- that he used it to design his studio The Dogg House. Judging by this video, Snoop is single-handedly responsible for keeping the man in charge of bleeping profanities employed.

In the second video, Chef S. Dogg teaches you the right way to cook chicken, whipping up his own version of Shake 'n Bake using chicken drumsticks and Lay's Barbecue potato chips. If Lay's knew what was up, they'd hop on this sponsorship like, yesterday.