PHOTOS: What If Justin Bieber Grew A Mustache?

(Credit: WireImage/Sean Gresens/MTV)

We brought you the incredibly important breaking news about Justin Bieber's proposed mustache this morning. And now, as we like to do sometimes, we've taken things to THE NEXT LEVEL.

You see, Justin Bieber recently tweeted, "I'm not shaving for a month so you all can see my mustache... I'm pumped," and our immediate reaction was shaking and crying.

But then we did what every Justin Bieber fan in the world thought about doing -- we gave him a bunch of fake mustaches in Photoshop and laughed our faces off. Check out a few of our favorites from Buzzworthy's "What If Justin Bieber Grew A Mustache?" photo gallery. As always, you're so very welcome.

(Credit: FilmMagic/Sean Gresens/MTV)

Here we see Justin Bieber rocking the modified Yosemite Sam. This type of 'stache is usually seen on Hell's Angels or John Travolta (?). We're not quite sure this is the best mustache option for Biebs, though. It's a little too sinister. We feel like Selena Gomez may not approve.

(Credit: Getty Images/Sean Gresens/MTV)

Hey yo, Justin, you have a little sm-- Oh, God. That's a mustache. THE PENCIL MUSTACHE! Nothing screams, "Don't mind me, I'm just secretly browsing your undies drawer at a party" like a pencil mustache. This one has us rethinking the whole "paint a mustache on Justin Bieber" thing. It's all fun and games until he showed up looking like John Waters.

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