10 Things To Know Now: Charlie Sheen Boycott Begins, Miley Does Bieber, Donald Glover's Album

(Credit: WireImage, Afp, FilmMagic)

Holy crap, that was way too much Charlie Sheen way too fast. In this week's rundown of all the best things on the Internet, I'll try to keep the #tigerblood references to a minimum. Like, I'm not even going to mention Hipster Charlie Sheen. In fact...

1.) The Village Voice has started a grassroots movement to make Friday "Unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter Day." If you can't wait till then, some dudes have created a Firefox- and Chrome-compatible plug in that will block all Sheen content as you browse. (Village Voice, Tinted Sheen)

2.) Caroline Polachek from Chairlift is one of those really infuriatingly cute/awesome/talented/youknowthetype indie goddesses whose apartment is definitely better than yours. Refinery29 peeped it and reported back. (Refinery29)

3.) Amy Winehouse did a photo shoot for Look magazine in which she appeared neither gaunt nor trainwreck-y. Does that mean she'll be releasing new music soon? 'Cause the bartender at my usual karaoke bar is getting pretttttty tired of hearing me slur/shout "Back To Black." (Idolator)

4.) I see London, and I see France, but what I do not see is Waka Flocka Flame's underpants because, uh, he isn't wearing any. The rapper got buck nekky for a new PETA campaign, "Ink, Not Mink." (Just Jared)

5.) Mark Zuckerberg has officially become one of those people who make Facebook pages for their pets. #awkberg (Facebook)

6.) The guy in this "60 Minutes" segment about amazing new polar bear footage keeps saying that the clip demonstrates "magic and innocence," but really what it demonstrates is that polar bears are SCARY GENIUSES. Skip to 11:35. (CBS News)

7.) Someecards has perfectly stereotyped the different breeds of Twitter profiles. I'm a #3. (someecards)

8.) Miley Cyrus did a spot-on Justin Bieber impression on last week's episode of "Saturday Night Live," and America liked it. Chin. Wink. (Hulu)

9.) Speaking of Justin Bieber, the prankster pretend to fire his guitarist, Dan Kanter, who was probably like "Um... ha ha?" (Celebuzz)

10.) His royal hottie hotness Donald Glover aka Troy from "Community" aka this year's mtvU Woodie Awards host just released an EP. It's called Childish Gambino, and it's good, and you can download it for free. (iamdonald)