Indie Music Month Video Premiere: The Joy Formidable, 'Whirring'

As part of MTV's Indie Music Month, we're premiering videos from some of the most inventive and innovative artists in the indie music scene. Today, we're excited to feature UK rock trio The Joy Formidable, a band that's already gotten a ton of notice in its native country and quite possibly about to be in the running to become The Band You're Completely Obsessed With.

In The Joy Formidable's "Whirring" video, taken from the group's debut album The Big Roar, the band members enter an abandoned, cat-filled house before descending deeper and deeper into the house's 'Inception'-like layers. We're warning you, though: The blasts of color, tripped-out style and camera movements that would make M.C. Escher proud caused at least one seizure on staff.

"Whirring" was directed by veteran video director Christopher Mills, who made equally surreal videos with Broken Social Scene's "Stars and Sons" and Modest Mouse's "Float On." Look for the group's 2009 video for "Whirring" subtly playing on the television early on.

"Whirring" originally appeared on The Joy Formidable's 2009 EP A Balloon Called Moaning before resurfacing on The Big Roar, out now in the United Kingdom and March 15 stateside.

+ Watch The Joy Formidable's "Whirring" video.