Watch Jennifer Aniston's 'Sex Tape' Video, Featuring Keenan Cahill

We all know Jennifer Aniston is pretty and funny and smart and has bee-yootiful hair, but one thing the actress doesn't seem to have a handle on is the internet. (Can't win 'em all.) Unlike the good old days (the '90s), you can't just have a regular advertisement anymore -- everything that can go viral needs to go viral. Jennifer consults some with some internet stars to help her new video for Smartwater get more hits, but she seems to miss the mark.

According to the internet experts in the video, Jen needs to lip-synch with one of our favorite sorta-pop stars, Keenan Cahill, hang out with cute animals, surround herself with dancing babies, consult with that Double Rainbow guy, kick a dude in the privates, and shake her hair back and forth in slow motion to gain the attention of the internet masses. But as internet experts ourselves, we still don't think that's enough! Where's the bed intruder? Sad Keanu Reeves? Fainting goats? Crying James Van Der Beek? And where are the GIFs!? Internet 101, Jen!

It's almost like Jennifer Aniston is like, busy or something and doesn't have time to troll Facebook and Tumblr and Twitter for hours and hours on end until she looks at her clock and it's 2:45 a.m. and she has to be awake in four hours and she promises to stop doing this every night. But enough about me.

+ Watch Jennifer Aniston funny Smartwater "sex tape" video.