Indie Music Month Video Premiere: Atmosphere, 'Just For Show'

(Credit: Dan Monick)

It's still early in the year, but we have a front-runner for Best Dog Acting in a Hip-Hop Video. "Just For Show," indie hip-hop duo Atmosphere's first single from its upcoming album The Family Sign, shows our canine thespian being ignored by his family, lashing out in the flower bed and rocking that hangdog expression that has softened the hearts of even the biggest thug.

The once-loved, now-neglected dog serves as a perfect metaphor for rapper Slug's defiant open letter to a girlfriend, all laced over producer Ant's methodical, reggae-tinged beat. After ditching the family, our bummed-out protagonist gets harassed by security guards and random pedestrians before making some tough decisions about his future. We've been there, man. Not since "Cool Dog" have we seen a dog express such an array of emotions in front of a camera.

Come on, family. All you had to do was give the poor guy some pasta and let him play a few Wii games while he wags his tail and barks endearingly. Is that so hard?

The Family Sign, Atmosphere's first album since 2008's When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That S*** Gold, comes out April 12.

+ Watch Atmosphere's "Just For Show" video: