Buzz Bites (3/7/11): Christina Aguilera Faces New Lawsuit

(Credit: Getty Images)

+ Less than a week after getting arrested for public intoxication, Christina Aguilera and Sony Music are being sued over the sampling rights for her song "Ain't No Other Man." Sounds like Xtina needs a spa day or something. (MTV News)

+ In her first post-rehab appearance, Demi Lovato takes to the Internet to share a video she made thanking her fans for all of their support during her difficult past few months. (ONTD)

+ Miley Cyrus appeared on this weekend's "Saturday Night Live" as Justin Bieber during "The Miley Cyrus Show" skit and the whole thing was soooo meta. It was also hilarious. (Neon Limelight)

+ Music legend Phil Collins has revealed that he's quitting music due to health problems he's experienced for several years. In related news, Phil Collins Pandora station listens increase by 2,000 percent today. (PopEater)

+ The most glitter-rific baby shower ever finally has a date -- Mariah Carey will receive billions of dollars in gifts for her twins this weekend during a "Blue and Pink" themed shower. (Too Fab)

+ Chris Brown somehow accidentally snapped a photo of himself naked and sent it to someone and whoops, it ended up on the internet. Do these stories ever end up any other way? (Billboard)