Star Spotting: Live From New York, It's Miley Cyrus, Y'all!

(Credit: Splash News)

Kinda looking forward to hearing, "And here's your host, Miley Cyyyyyyyyyyyyrus!" this Saturday from Don Pardo, the long-serving announcer of "Saturday Night Live." Miley Cyrus will be hosting this weekend's episode of the show with musical guest The Strokes.

This week Miley has no doubt been hard at work, rehearsing for the show, no doubt giving SNL cast member Vanessa Bayer help with her Miley Cyrus impersonation.

She's also been out and about in New York City, with friends and family and... scarves. Yeah, Miley is looking mad autumnal in the wintery New York City streets. Above she's seen heading out to the trendy eatery TAO and below, shoe shopping and throwing up "deuces" in NYC's West Village.

After a couple of rough months, tabloid-wise, Miley looks fairly happy in these pics (to the extent you can tell something like that), and we have to say, the scarfed-up look really suits her!

Are you looking forward to watching Miley on "Saturday Night Live"? Think she'll be funny? Let us know in the comments. Think about it while checking out another photo of Miley Cyrus in New York.