Indie Music Month Video Premiere: Papercuts, 'Do What You Will'

As part of MTV's Indie Music Month, we're premiering music videos from some of the most vibrant artists in the independent music community -- stuff you need to see and hear right now. Today we have a video from the breezy San Francisco dream-pop outfit Papercuts.

Papercuts is anchored by singer/songwriter Jason Robert Quever, whose layered and atmospheric approach to California pop recalls the likes of seminal 1960s group The Zombies, and more recent acts Beach House and Grizzly Bear.

"Do What You Will," the first single off Papercuts' fourth album Fading Parade, released March 1, falls neatly into this category, with breathy, barely whispered vocals and a delicate guitar melody. The accompanying video, however, takes a more sinister turn. After leaving a party, our disaffected hero returns home, followed by a ghostly vapor. Out of the smoke materialize actual ghosts, who proceed to asphyxiate the party pooper with their misty wrath, then vanish from the scene of the crime. Guess they're not fans of the song? Luckily, we are.

+ Watch Papercuts' "Do What You Will" video.