MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: Graffiti6

(Credit: Michele Crowe/MTV)

The MTV PUSH Artist of the Week is London-based duo Graffiti6. There are lots of ways to describe this charismatic band's sound, but the best way would be this: Turn on the radio, spin the dial, and hear some of your favorite songs from a variety of genres, then consider them funneled into one band's mashed-up sound.

Graffiti6 is singer Jamie Scott and producer/DJ Tommy D. Together they combine Coldplay-esque arena rock, the sultry pop of Maroon 5, slick R&B rhythms and a classic soul sensibility. On its debut album, Colours, the band effortlessly weaves its influences to create a sound of its own.

Get to know Graffiti6 better by watching Jamie Scott explain the group's origins, watch the "Stare Into The Sun" video, and watch the group perform "Lay Me Down" and "Over You" live at MTV in New York.