We HAVE To Say Something About Leighton Meester As A Fancy Lithuanian Cover Girl

Leighton Meester's looking lithe and lovely on the March 2011 cover of L'Officiel Lithuania! Am I right, or am I right over here? "Spalvota!" says the cover, presumably about Leighton, and while we don't speak Lithuanian (not yet, anyway), it seems clear that that's a flattering adjective (or interjection?) about her look. We "Officielly" enjoy it.

Let's break down what's happening here from a fashion and beauty standpoint, shall we? Leighton Meester looks mature and a bit demure in her cover shot, with her hair pulled back into a sleek chignon, a long skirt and some stately jewelry. We love the multiple bangles on each of her wrists. It's like "I'm wearing Lanvin, I'm safe, yet I'm INTERESTING!" Blair Waldorf would so cosign this sartorial situation, don't you think?

Tell us Buzzworthy, peeps. What do we think of Leighton Meester's Lithuanian look?