Bad news guys. No, Justin Bieber hasn't decided to get another haircut. Nope, sadly this is my last day at Her Majesty's Buzzworthy. I know, right? Emotional!

It's been a blast writing about pop music and the musicians that make it for the last 18 months or so. Everyday was an adventure, and it usually involved Lady Gaga wearing something weird.

I'd like to thank John Mayer for turning into Johnny Depp, DJ Khaled for vigorously supporting McDonald's and Diddy-Dirty Money for giving Michael Bay a run for his money when it came to spending cash on videos.

I'd also like to thank everyone I worked with here at Buzzworthy, especially Tamar who is a fountain of wisdom and cat .gifs and pretty much the best boss you could ask for.

I'm moving on to write about sports (what?!) elsewhere on the internets, but hopefully I'll come back from time to time, whenever a celebrity looks funny in an airport. Until then, we'll always have Kanye West's Twitter feed.


Chris Ryan

(Tamar's response)