Preview TWO New Britney Songs: 'Criminal' And ''Til The World Ends'

Maybe she's borrowing a page from Kanye West's book (he dropped almost all of the songs from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy before the album's release), or maybe she's just doing it because she's Britney Spears and she therefore can. Either way you look at it, Britney Spears has adopted a sort of serialized, piecemeal, here-have-another-appetizer-before-the-meal method of rolling out her new album, Femme Fatale.

First there were more than a dozen teasers for her "Hold It Against Me" video. And now, over the last week, we've been treated to three new songs, all presumably taken from Femme Fatale, in teaser/preview form. Earlier this week it was "The Big Fat Bass," featuring And today we've got two more songs: a teaser of "Criminal" and the full version of  "'Til The World Ends."

"'Til The World Ends" was reportedly produced by Dr. Luke and cowritten by Ke$ha. And it doesn't take a genius to hear Ke$ha's us-against-the world/ we're-going-out tonight effect on the song. It's an up-tempo club track, and its "whoa-oh's" will likely be a battle cry all spring and summer. A snippet of the song showed up earlier today, with an unofficial, full-length version spreading through Tumblr like wildfire today.

"Criminal" is an altogether different animal. On this mid-tempo, elegant pop track (reportedly produced by Max Martin), Britney sings about why bad guys finish first with her. It's a really different sound from what we've heard so far off of Femme Fatale.

+ Listen to "Criminal" and "'Til The World Ends."