Video Premiere: Sara Bareilles, 'Uncharted'

If you guys didn't get your invite to appear in Sara Bareilles' latest music video, "Uncharted," from her album Kaleidoscope Heart, don't worry, we didn't either. But from the looks of it, we're the only ones. Everyone is in this video. Everyone!

"Uncharted" is shot DIY style, and it features a bunch of Sara Bareilles' famous fans lip-synching along to the song. Here's just a handful of celebs to look out for in the video: Ben Folds, Maroon 5's Adam Levine, N.E.R.D.'s Pharrell, Tegan And Sara, Vanessa Carlton, Ryan Tedder, Josh Groban, Ingrid Michaelson, and reigning Internet lip sync king Keenan Cahill. (Can we just put him in every music video please?) Missing from most of "Uncharted," though, is Sara Bareilles herself. But she's on tour with Maroon 5 right now, so she probably needs a little bit of a break.

It must be really tough to be Sara Bareilles -- scrolling through the VIP address book in your cell phone and deciding who to call to help make your video. "Well, Beyonce's on vacation this week. And I couldn't make Justin Bieber's birthday party so I don't want to ask him for a favor..." We hate you, Sara! JK, we love you. It's just that we're jealous, you see.

+ Watch Sara Bareilles star-studded "Uncharted" video.