The Week In Hair: Chris Brown Goes Blond, Lady Gaga Dyes Her Bangs!

(Credit: @ChrisBrown/@LadyGaga)

Big weekend in hair, fellow celeb watchers. Two stars decided to take locks into their own hands and switch up their looks, as Chris Brown dyed his hair platinum blond and Lady Gaga darkened her bangs. I know, we can hardly believe it ourselves.

First, Chris Brown. The "Yeah" singer jumped on Twitter, posting a photo with the simple caption, "look at me now." So we did. Because he told us to! And there we see Breezy rocking what can only be described as the male version of the Amber Rose -- close-cropped and platinum blond.

Lady Gaga, on the other hand, was probably sitting around all weekend, making snack food for an Oscar party and waiting for her "Born This Way" video to debut when she decided to switch up her look a little bit. To be fair, Gaga switches up her look a little bit pretty much every waking hour of her life. But her dye job, turning her bangs dark brown, looks adorably DIY. Plus, extra points for her sorta neo-Brenda Walsh denim outfit!

What do you think of Chris Brown and Lady Gaga's hair adventures? Let us know in the comments!