New Video: Lady Gaga, 'Born This Way'

(Credit: WireImage)

Lady Gaga's brand-new video, "Born This Way" features unicorns, Juggalo faces, afterbirthy goo, intense dance orgies and Barbie wig. It pushes the envelope in ways that feel subversive even for Lady Gaga. That's right. Lady Gaga may have actually out-Gaga'ed herself on "Born This Way."

The 7-minute video begins with Lady Gaga dressed as a religious figure, seated like the Buddha and floating in space. Lady Gaga introduces the song by speaking for 3 minutes over some 1950s sci-fi movie music about what can only be described as the "Gaga Creation Myth" -- how the universe began and the never-ending struggle between good and evil. We even see Gaga as a Mother Earth figure giving birth. And it's a pretty authentic birth, staying just within the SFW lines, but there's, like, gross goo and stuff. And the willowy, billowy silky floating oracle figure feels like an homage to Alexander McQueen.

When "Born This Way" finally kicks in, Lady Gaga appears to lead her Little Monsters in a synchronized dance routine wearing nothing but super tiny undies (not even her signature 12-inch heels), and it's clear that this woman is hitting the P90X hard. On the second verse, Gaga shows up in a "Billie Jean" inspired suit, with Misfits makeup, "Thriller" eyes, and a huge Barbie-pink ponytail. (And the girl-on-boy dancing feels a little bit like one of the last dance sequences of Madonna's "Vogue," where Madonna cheekily peacocks around a male dancer and then elbows him.) The video closes with Lady Gaga riding a unicorn toward the horizon under a rainbow in a the middle of a neon pink triangle. Gay rights reference? Duh.

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