Star Spotting: Night Of The Living Taylor Momsen

(Credit: Splash News)

We hadn't really seen or heard from Taylor Momsen recently, so we thought it might be an appropriate time to check in! And we were right! Here we have Taylor Momsen, looking like a combination of Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark and Glen Danzig's little sister.

Momsen can be seen above, strolling through the night in Montreal. Never one to overdo it with layers, we have to offer some concern for Momsen's nearly bare-thighed confrontation with the Canadian winter; that cannot be warm enough, girl.

Taylor was in Montreal, playing some gigs with her band, The Pretty Reckless. It's been a kind of "evil" trip through Canada for Taylor, as she was spotted rocking a rather profane T-shirt in support of Satan while playing in Toronto. Man, kids today!

Check out another shot of Taylor Momsen braving the cold below.

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