MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: Cults

This week's MTV's PUSH Artist of the Week is Brooklyn band Cults. Made up of Brian Oblivion and singer Madeline Follin, the duo's become indie darlings in a matter of months, crafting gorgeous neo-girl group pop with a dark underbelly.

After meeting in San Diego and bonding over their shared music tastes, Oblivion and Follin relocated to New York and began recording as a lark, with Follin singing over Oblivion's compositions. After posting a few songs to the Internet, the lark turned into a loud buzz, as listeners quickly became fans, enraptured by a sound that feels like The Ronettes singing Nick Cave songs.

One of Cults' songs, "Go Outside," was recently used as music in the latest of MTV's "Supervideos." And watching Dave Franco romance a spectral Emma Roberts illuminates the cinematic nature that Cults' music creats.

In the interview clips below, hear how Cults feel about the commodification of music, find out about Madeline's obsession with reptoids, hear what Cults want you to get out of their music and get an inside look at a Cults rehearsal.

Cults are currently prepping their self-titled debut album.

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