New Video: Hanson, 'Give A Little'

(Credit: WireImage)

After Hanson charmed us with a "Blues Brothers" homage in the group's video for "Thinkin' 'Bout Somethin'," the bros are back with their video for "Give A Little" off of their latest album Shout It Out. Yes, it's true that I've wanted to marry Taylor Hanson since 1997, but that doesn't change the fact that this video isn't still just objectively adorable. No bias, I swear.

"Give A Little" features the brothers Hanson playing their instruments in front of a simple white backdrop. The song starts off slow as they sing about wooing ladies (something that Hanson knows just a little bit about), while the video cuts to different couples getting their dance on. The momentum builds, and pretty soon there's paint being splattered everywhere, and everyone on the set is getting down. Like I said, adorable.

And we're totally digging the low-budget video thing. "Give A Little" is a snappy pop song with a to-the-point video that focuses on the catchiness of the track. No bells and whistles, just singing, dancing and Taylor Hanson wearing Ray-Bans. What else do you need in life? my opinion.