New Song: Foo Fighters, 'Rope'

(Credit: WireImage)

Last week we laid ears on "White Limo," a new song off of the Foo Fighters' upcoming album Wasting Light, and it got us beyond excited about the return of the Foo. And now that we've heard the album's first official single, "Rope," we're even more pumped. We even thought about throwing up some devil horns, but then we remembered we were in public.

"Rope" isn't nearly as head bang-y and thrashing as "White Limo," so for those of you who prefer a tamer Foo Fighters, this one's for you. The track starts off pretty minimal but builds steadily -- tweaky guitars, ready-steady drums, and frontman Dave Grohl goes H.A.M. on the mic. (There is some straight-up yowling, folks.) "Rope" ends on a high note with a guitar solo that's perfect for a movie montage of bad decisions and trashed hotel rooms. The whole song feels like a sexy downward spiral. Man, I really should have gone to film school.

"Rope" is everything we love about early Foo Fighters, but we can also hear the band's more recent influences as well. Wasting Light hits stores April 8.

+ Listne to Foo Fighters' "Rope."