Watch Live Performances By The Band Augustine From 'My Life As Liz'

(Credit: Jack Jeffries/MTV)

Fans of the second season of the MTV series "My Life As Liz" know that Louis Michael Johnson is one of Liz's closest friends, and possibly, a little bit more than a friend. But did you know that Louis also has other interests outside of Liz? Like music! It's true! Let's get to know Louis' band, Augustine.

Augustine is made up of Louis and his longtime friend, Jordan Meredith, whom you've also seen on "My Life As Liz." The pair have been recording and playing around the Northeast since 2009, making subtle and melodic electro-folk, which might remind folks of Owl City or Postal Service.

In the interviews below, Augustine talks about their songwriting process, while in the second, the band talk about their adopted hometown of New York.

After that, watch two live performances from Augustine, as the duo play lovely versions of "Blackbird's Song" and "Flashes Of Yellow," both of which can be found on their Download Only release.

If that's not enough, be sure to check out some fun photos of Augustine over at MTV's exclusive photo gallery of the pair.