We HAVE To Say Something About David Archuleta Getting Dropped By His Record Label

(Credit: FilmMagic)

It's true -- "American Idol" alum David Archuleta has been dropped by his record label, Jive Records. After his platinum-certified debut album David Archuleta sold nearly a million copies in 2008, his sophomore attempt The Other Side Of Down had trouble reaching that kind of status in 2010. But no need to get sad face emoticon about this, Dave. Same goes for you, Arch Angels. We'll tell you why.

First of all, you have a really cool nickname. Seriously, "Archie" is awesome! Think about all of the other famous Archies out there -- Archie Andrews of Archie comic fame (snoozefest); Archie Bunker, who only old people know anything about; and some random dog named Archie that has his own website. So it looks like you win in this category!

Second, a ton of other acts have been dropped by their record label before going on to do huge things. Ever heard of Katy Perry? What about Lady Gaga? Both of these ladies were dropped by their labels before, you know, taking over the entire world. Maybe you're just getting started!

Chin up, David Archuleta. You still have a ton of fans, a ton of Twitter followers, and you're almost old enough to go to Vegas. Hang in there. And when in doubt, always just listen to what Uncle Jay-Z does: "Go and brush your shoulders off."