Video Premiere: Yellowcard, 'For You And Your Denial'

Yellowcard is back after a two-year hiatus with the group's first single, "For You And Your Denial," from the upcoming album When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes, due out March 22. And we have the video premiere!

The full-length video for Yellowcard's "For You And Your Denial" doesn't stray too much from the video sneak peek we posted last week. We see the guys rocking out on an open desert road with their backs to the camera. There are lots of tight shots of lead singer Ryan Key singing into the mic, a couple studded belt sightings and some skinny jeans! In the meantime, we see a pretty hot girl driving a sports car on said desert road, and the whole time you're wondering, "Where is this chick going? What kind of lip gloss is she wearing? Are we ever going to see Yellowcard's faces?"

No, you never see Yellowcard's collective faces, but maybe that's a metaphor for the song. As in, "you can't see our faces anymore because we're walking away from this crappy relationship?" Or maybe we're wrong. Either way, it's very much "welcome to the open road that is your newly single life." And it works. Especially that sad violin.

+ Watch Yellowcard's "For You And Your Denial" video.