Supervideo: Starring Emma Roberts, Dave Franco, And The Music Of Cults

So what we have here is the second of MTV's "Supervideos." Supervideos, for those of you not in the know, are collaborations between a cool director, cool actors and even cooler music. The first Supervideo, featuring LCD Soundsystem's pulsating track "Pow Pow," was helmed by "Street Kings" director David Ayer and starred "Twilight"'s Anna Kendrick.

This latest Supervideo, set to the track "Go Outside" by Cults, is directed by Patrick Hoelck ("Mercy") and stars Emma Roberts and Dave Franco (yes, the little brother of James).

Sitting in his living room, in front of a poster that says "Reality Leaves A Lot To The Imagination,"  Franco watches a French film that stars Emma Roberts doing her best Brigitte Bardot blonde bombshell impression. Now, before you can say, "didn't this happen in 'The Ring'!?!," Roberts steps out of the television and into Franco's real life. The pair have a night to remember, but, as we learn, sometimes fantasy is better than reality.

+ Watch the Supervideo for Cults' "Go Outside," directed by Patrick Hoelck and starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco.