PHOTOS: Justin Bieber’s Recurring ‘Sexy Face’

(Credit: Getty Images)

We just need to take a quick minute and talk about the fact that Justin Bieber seems to be working on adding another skill to his already long list of talents — The Sexy Face. Tyra Banks calls it “Smizing,” Zoolander called it “Blue Steel,” but we just call it “The Sexy Face.” The Sexy Face is when you look at the camera like you have lasers in your eyes and/or like you’re thinking about the number pi. Let’s explore…

(Credit: Getty Images)

Here’s Justin Bieber giving us the half Smize/half Zoolander at the Brit Awards. Listen, Justin, we know you’re 16 and everything, but keep giving this face and they might actually let you register to vote or something. Also, where are your zits?! The voice of an angel and the face of a porcelain doll? Sorry, every other 16-year-old boy.

(Credit: WireImage)

Do I really need to explain this? Um, is it legal for me to explain this photo? Here Justin Bieber’s chilling courtside at a New York Knicks game in all black everything (Jay-Z reference, get schooled!), just taking in…the scenery. I’m not going to say what I think is going on in that little “Baby” head of his. Hopefully just this.

(Credit: Getty Images)

This explains everything! Justin Bieber taking The Sexy Face stroll with Usher at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards. J.Biebs and Urrrsher, otherwise known as the King and Prince of Swagtown. Not to be all 2010, but for real, hide yo kids.

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