This Week In Celebrity Tweets: Britney Spears Gets H.I.A.M. On Us, Lady Gaga And Kanye West Talk Grammys

(Credit: Getty Images)

The Twittersphere was full of love and Grammys this week! We're not sure, but it might be because it was Valentine's Day on Monday and the Grammy Awards this past weekend. College educations at work right here, folks.

Justin Bieber played it safe on Valentine's Day by announcing that he spent the big day with Chelsea Handler. Smart move, little man. And cuties Taylor Swift and Paramore's Hayley Williams both wished the Internet a VDay full of love. Hayley gave a shout out to all the "love sick babes" and Taylor Swift (dressed as a Geisha) spread the love from Tokyo. (At least we think that's Taylor Swift...)

On the Grammy front, Kanye West took to his Twitter to live tweet the awards. Our favorite? "Dude from Muse just gave a shout out to 'His Beautiful Pregnant Girlfriend'...sounds like a good album title!" We LOLed. And Lady Gaga tweeted about her Grammy win with a really sweet thank you to her fans.

Also this week, Katy Perry mentions her Starbucks withdrawal for the second week in a row (you might want to see someone about that, girl), and Rihanna reveals her girl crush on Cheryl Cole. And as always, MTV Buzzworthy kept it real by saying what everyone else was thinking: "This talking computer thing on Jeopardy is LEGITS freaking me out." Come on, guys. It's Creep City.

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+ KATY PERRY // @katyperry -- This just in: my 90 year old grandma tries @ for the first time and... LOVES IT! Now I'm jealous

+ KANYE WEST // @kanyewest -- Dude from Muse just gave a shout out to "His Beautiful Pregnant Girlfriend" sounds like a good album title!

+ LADY GAGA // @ladygaga -- I'm so honored+grateful we won 3 GRAMMYS. BORN THIS WAY piece was pure joy for Haus to perform. Paws Up Monsters!

+ PARAMORE'S HAYLEY WILLIAMS // @yelyahwilliams -- Happy Valentine's Day to y'all love sick babes out there.

+ TAYLOR SWIFT // @taylorswift13 -- Happy Valentine's Day from Tokyo. Love, us.

+ JUSTIN BIEBER // @justinbieber -- got to spend some of my valentines with my girl @ ...always a pleasure -

+ RIHANNA // @rihanna -- Can Cheryl Cole NOT be so yummy??? Just ONCE!!!

+ BRITNEY SPEARS // @britneyspears -- Hope you guys love it as much as I do. If you didn't I'll kung fu kick you like I did to that chick in the video.

+ WILL.I.AM // @iamwill -- In the studio with @britneyspears today. we recorded another song for #femmefatale. that's 2 bangers

+ MTV BUZZWORTHY // @MTVBuzzworthy -- This talking computer thing on Jeopardy is LEGITS freaking me out.