We HAVE To Say Something About Lady Gaga's Horns

(Credit: Getty Images)

While everyone was trying to guess what Lady Gaga was going to wear to the Grammy Awards this past Sunday for her premiere live performance of "Born This Way," no one expected her to show up in an egg. Furthermore, no one expected her to hatch from said egg sporting a couple fresh pairs of horns. But this is why we love you, Gaga -- you're a lunatic.

We saw our first glimpse of Lady Gaga's horns when she tweeted a photo of the "Born This Way" single cover. We couldn't tell if it was the lighting or our fifth cup of coffee that made it look like she had some...extra skin on her forehead. But then she showed up to the Grammys definitely wearing horns -- on her face and on her shoulders. And this morning, to complement her condom-inspired outfit on "Good Morning America," Gaga selected a more subdued pair of points. Obviously. No need to go overboard.

So it looks like the horns are here to stay, at least for a while, America. And that's cool. We support the whole "Born This Way"/everyone's different/let your freak flag fly thing. But we wonder what else is in store for Gaga's horns. Sequins? Colors? Scents? Wait, never mind! They probably smell like Lady Gaga's perfume.