Star Spotting: The Johnny Depp-ification Of John Mayer Continues

(Credit: Splash News)

OK, gang. Let's get a couple of things straight. Let the record show that we here at Buzzworthy were WAY OUT IN FRONT on this whole "John Mayer Looks Like Johnny Depp" thing. You hear us, Kanye West? Just because you tweet it, doesn't mean we didn't plant our flag on this one first.

Here we have Depp, I mean, Mayer, at LAX. Now, we always like to look at pics of celebs in airports. And we must say, John Mayer is looking rather "Jack Sparrow For J. Crew S/S '11" in this shot. You know when he looks even more like Johnny Depp?

That's right. Nothing brings out the Scissorhands in Mayer like being forced to nearly disrobe for airport security. Seriously, that is uncanny!

What do you think of Mayer's new, goatee-d, "Pirates Of The Caribbean" look? Let us know in the comments.