New Song: Foo Fighters, 'White Limo'

(Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

The Foo Fighters have a new album, Wasting Light, coming out soon-ish. And as sure as water is wet and the sky is (usually) blue, it will definitely rock. These are just things we've come to expect.

The first single from Wasting Light is called "Rope," and it's expected to drop on March 1. Which would make this new track, "White Limo," something of a coming attraction, I would guess. As coming attractions go, however, this will certainly make your Wednesday 10 times more thrashy.

"White Limo" finds main Foo Fighter, Dave Grohl, returning to his roots. And by roots, I'm not referring to his time behind the kit as the drummer for Nirvana. Nope, we're going all the way back to Grohl's days in the D.C. hardcore punk scene as a member of Scream.

What you get is a blistering, paint-stripping thrash track that mixes mosh-inducing hard-core with the Foo's penchant for melody. The track also comes with a vaguely official video, starring Lemmy of Motorhead and the Foo Fighters as some irate gardeners.

Check out the Foo Fighters' "White Limo." Wasting Light is out April 8.