Video Sneak Peek: Trey Songz, 'Love Faces'

Trey Songz, sex inventor, continues to extract singles from his monster album of love and tenderness, Passion, Pain & Pleasure. And the latest expression of Trey Songz' love is "Love Faces." And we've got a sneak peek of his "Love Faces" video right here.

Trey Songz, as you probably can guess, is a rather sultry dude, so don't go into any of his videos expecting grainy, handheld mumblecore-type stuff. Nope, Trey Songz videos are sleek, sexy and full of consenting adults. And it looks like "Love Faces" doesn't stray from that winning formula.

We see some footage of Trey Songz and what looks like a very nice lady nearly kissing, some footage of Trey lamping in a Mercedes, and some footage of Trey standing against a wall, not doing much at all.

But "doing things" isn't really the point here. This is about mood, feeling, vibe and atmosphere. And who does that better than Trey?

Check out the sneak peek of Trey Songz' "Love Faces" video, below. And don't miss the video premiere of "Love Faces" on Monday, Feb. 14 (Valentine's Day, no less!), at 12:01 a.m ET on