Katy Perry Looks Like The Hottest Business Woman Ever On The Cover Of Elle

(Credit: Carter Smith/Elle magazine)

Katy Perry is Elle magazine's March 2011 cover girl, and we absolutely love this look! It's a departure from her usual cutesy getups, but she's still clad in enough color to make a bag of Skittles jealous. Her Elle cover is practically shouting at us all like, "Pink lips! Green blazer! Blue top! Purple pants! Gold belt!" But poor yellow -- worst candy flavor ever and unflattering on nearly every skin tone.

Also, let's talk about the fact that Katy Perry totally looks like a Technicolor business lady from the '80s, and we mean that in the best way possible. With the power blazer and the button-down and the high-waist pants (um... and the bra and tassel belt)... This girl is word processing facsimile cover sheets in style.

And regarding the high-waisted-ness, on behalf of all women who like wearing regular-size underwear, we would like to say, "Thank you very much" to the fashion gods. They had to come back sooner or later.

Of course, Katy Perry's not just all business, no party. Check out another photo of Katy Perry, in a gorgeous candy-colored leotard from her Elle shoot. And check out Katy Perry in all of her crayon-color glory in the March issue of Elle magazine, due out on newsstands Feb. 15.