MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: Two Door Cinema Club

(Credit: Jack Jeffries/MTV)

This week's MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week is Two Door Cinema Club. Faithful Buzzworthy readers will be familiar with the boys from Two Door Cinema Club. They're a lovely Northern Irish trio who make indie-pop that sidles up nicely next to Phoenix and Peter, Bjorn & John. We premiered their charismatic, swingin' '60s-themed "What You Know" video and revealed some incredible videos from their "Live At MTV" performance.

To get more intimately acquainted with Two Door Cinema, we have a great Buzzworthy video interview with the boys. In it, Two Door Cinema Club talk about songwriting (their craft and trade), Ireland (their home), Phoenix (the band), their music videos (which are awesome)... and much more.

Plus, watch Two Door Cinema Club's acoustic performances of "I Can Talk," "Something Good Can Work," "Undercover Martyn" and "What You Know"  from their "Live At MTV" gig.

Finally, you can check out a photo gallery of Two Door Cinema Club. And, perhaps most of all, you should definitely check out their Tourist History album, which is out now.

+ Watch Two Door Cinema's live performances after the jump.

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