New Song: Sean Kingston, Featuring Justin Bieber, 'Won't Stop'

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We've seen Justin Bieber achieve success at pretty much everything he's tried his hand at. Singing, dancing, acting, merchandising; the kid has a real win streak going. And as Kevin Costner said in "Bull Durham" (paraphrasing for the sake of foul language), you never mess with a winning streak. Which brings us to "Won't Stop," a track off of Sean Kingston's new King of Kingz mixtape, which finds Justin Bieber messing with his winning streak by... rapping.

As you no doubt already know, "Won't Stop" isn't the first time the pair have collaborated. The duo did the perfect-pop thing with the Kingston single "Eenie Meenie." But this is an entirely different animal, featuring a whole new sound from the teen idols.

"Won't Stop"'s dramatic guitars and creeping beat wouldn't sound out of place on an Eminem record, and the me-against-the-world vibe of Marshall Mathers permeates the track. Kingston raps about the haters, hating, because he's a "heartthrob." Then Slim Bieber jumps into the mix, rapping in a tumbling flow about how God is always testing him. And how does he handle said tests?

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Boom. Going H.A.M. on a hot dog. So by all means, check out Justin Bieber's very earnest and gutsy attempt at spitting hot bars on Sean Kingston's "Won't Stop." And let us know what you think of his flow in the comments. The song is featured on Sean Kingston's King Of Kingz mixtape.