Lady Gaga Looking A Tad Unshowered In Purple Magazine

(Credit: Terry Richardson)

Judging by the tattered fishnets and smeared makeup, we first thought this was a photo of Ke$ha. But it's Lady Gaga in all of her no-pants glory. The photo was taken last summer by hipster photographer extraordinaire, Terry Richardson, as part of Gaga's famous Vogue Hommes Japan shoot (aka the meat bikini).

The photo was posted on Twitter last night by Matthew "Dada" Williams, Lady Gaga's former art director. "SUPREME x GAGA was my last project I put together and art directed for her," he tweeted. Well, he definitely went out with a musty bang.

The photo does a great job of pimping Supreme, but it also does a great job of making you want to take a shower. Lady Gaga's all, "I woke up in an alley, I can't find one of my shoes, my shirt is missing and I'm not sure what this substance in my hair is. But my Birkin is beautiful."

Check out another shot from the spread below and find more pics of Lady Gaga in the spring/summer issue of Purple magazine, on newsstands now.