PHOTO: This Justin Bieber Tattoo Is Obviously A Commitment

(Via @xxRealLove)

Soooo, THIS EXISTS. Tweeter Robin Pomales from New York got JUSTIN BIEBER'S NAME tattooed ON HER WRIST. Like, for FOREVER. Like "Sandlot" style "FORRRRREEEEEVVVVERRRRR."

Robin recorded her experience getting Justin Bieber's name permanently tattooed (hence "tattoo") on her wrist and uploaded the video on YouTube for her closest friends and family and everyone on the internet to watch. (Gotta love the 21st century.) When her friend asks her, "How does it hurt?" Robin replies, "Bieber or die." So "Bieber" is now also an adverb, FYI.

One more thing -- can we talk about the tattoo artist's obsession with Justin Bieber's hair? And the music playing in the background? And the fact that this tattoo is on this girl's wrist UNTIL THE END OF TIME (or until she saves a couple thousand to get it removed in five years)?

+ If the Justin Bieber tattoo photo isn't enough for you, watch Robin get her Justin Bieber tattoo (some language NSFW).