BABY NEWS! Mariah Carey Is Having A Boy! And A Girl!

(Credit: Getty Images)

Yay for Mariah Carey, and yay for Nick Cannon! The couple, who recently announced they're having twins, just revealed to Life & Style magazine (and to Twitter) that they're expecting a boy! And a girl! We're so glad to see Mariah happy, healthy, in love and with child(ren). Life is cool sometimes, guys.

So the big question obviously is what in glitter's name is the nursery going to look like?! One source said that "it's all about the blue and pink," and traditionally, that might be true. But this is Mariah Carey we're talking about here. This Mariah Carey. And this one. Oh, and this one. She's not exactly your typical mom-to-be. She's full-time fabulous! She's over-the-top! She can sing eight octaves!

A pink crib and a blue crib might suffice in suburbia, but we're betting Mariah Carey's isn't your everyday nursery. It's probably the size of a small California subdivision. The rocking chair will probably cost 10 years' worth of your rent. You'll need thumbprint recognition to enter the room, and there will be armed militia in Hello Kitty camouflage flanking the gold-plated cribs. OK, JK, but congrats to whomever the interior designer is who works on the Mariah Carey nursery. L'chaim to their new tax bracket.

Congrats, Mariah and Nick! We'll be waiting with bated breath on those baby names.