POSTED: Linkin Park Blogs From The Road, Preps For 'Saturday Night Live'

As MTV's POSTED Artist of the Month, the men of Linkin Park were nice enough to send us this missive from the road. Linkin Park, seen above rocking out in Atlanta, are currently touring the U.S.A. in support of their A Thousand Suns LP. And this guest blog post by bass player Dave Phoenix Farrell, gives you a behind-the-scenes look at all that goes into making a Linkin Park show an epic event. Plus, check out a video interview with the band to find out about their charity, Music For Relief, which they founded after the 2005 South East Asian Tsunami. And take in some incredible photos of the band playing live in Detroit and Chicago.

We’re currently in the middle of our North American tour, and the shows have been really great so far. This is our first tour in the States since 2008, and it feels good to be back and playing shows here. Since our last tour here, we’ve played in 21 different countries on five continents.

Performing the songs from our new album has been a lot of fun and a whole new challenge for us. Chester and Brad each have percussion responsibilities on a few songs, and everyone except Rob have backup vocal duties. Before our first show of the tour in Sunrise, Fla., we had a rehearsal to run through some of our more challenging songs -- "Burning In The Skies," "Blackout" and “When They Come For Me.” A bunch of contest winners stopped by and watched us run through the songs over and over.

We’re off to New York now for a show at Madison Square Garden later this week, followed by a performance on "Saturday Night Live" with host Dana Carvey. Check back for more updates and follow me on Twitter (@phoenixlp) if you are a fan of awesomeness.