10 Things To Know Now: Hannah Montana's OLDer Brother, Bright Eyes, Conan, Cats & More!

Hi everyone! I've got some great picks this week, including what may be the greatest kitteh LOL of all time!

1.) NPR has Bright Eyes' new album, The People's Key, available for a full listen. It sounds like all the best songs on Lifted.... I'll just wait here a sec while you eat your emo heart out. (NPR)

2.) Nelly Furtado (who I always want to call "Nelly Fur-TAY-toe" 'cause I think it'd be funny) and Sir Elton John teamed up for a kind-of-weird, kind-of-catchy update of Elton's song "Crocodile Rock," which is featured on the Gnomeo & Juliet soundtrack. (Idolator)

3.) MTV Posted artist Linkin Park are going to be performing on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, alongside blast from the past Dana Carvey. I wonder if Chester Bennington will play Wayne. (NBC)

4.) I'm on kind of an indie-rock kick right now, so I highly recommend the new Fleet Foxes album Helplessness Blues, the title track of which you can hear para gratis at Pitchfork.

5.) Lonely? Looking for love? Have a taste for the ginger? The gang over at "Conan" is hosting the "VD Explosion" Contest, where the grand prize is a Valentine's Day date on the set of the show. To enter, post a compelling video response to Cocan's contest announcement.  (Team Coco)

6.) Remember Jason Earles, the actor who played Hannah Montana's brother, aka Jackson Stewart? How old do you think that guy is? Like 21, 22 right? WRONG! Dude is in his 30s. Also, he's a trained "equestrian rider," whatever that means! (IMDb)

7.) First there was Ted Williams, the homeless guy with the golden radio voice. Now there is the Brazilian cab driver with the pitch-perfect Michael Jackson impression. (Urlesque)

8.) In 1994, Bryant Gumbel could not begin to comprehend what the internet is. Seriously, it made his brain almost explode. Katie Couric was no help, either. Equally mind-scrambling, the "@" sign. (CollegeHumor)

9.) Did you know most house plants receive better care than house cats? And also, did you know that you should shout at your cat for about five seconds? Yes, it's true. Find out more facts about cats at Buzzfeed.

10.) When dancing to Whitney Houston's 1985 smash hit "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," it's best to have something prepared, something interpretative. This guy has it taken care of. (The Frisky)