PHOTOS: Celebrities Who Look Like Puppets!

A little-known fact about me is that I can turn any potato chip into the shape of an American state. I find that Baked Lays are the best for the Great Plains, and regular Lays are best for the American West. SunChips are altogether useless!!!

Before I tend to the line forming outside my door of dudes that want to be my boyfriend, let me tell you about this other talent I have: finding celebrities their Muppet/puppet counterpart! Honestly! God must have spent a little more time on me.

Take a look at some of these celebrity/puppet comparisons and tell me you don't want me on your trivia team!

(Credit: Getty Images/Muppet Wiki)

Besides being a BAMF (Google it), Cee Lo also happens to be Dr. Bunsen Honeydew incarnate. I mean, come on! Unlike Bunsen ("The Muppet Show"'s resident scientist), I think Cee Lo actually has eyeballs, but who knows for sure? Bonus points for them having the same meticulous style.

(Credit: Celebuzz/Idolator)

Unfortunately I can't take full credit for this comparison. Our friends over at Idolator were the first to spot Justin Bieber's creepy pencil mustache and liken him to Kermit the Frog in "The Muppets Take Manhattan." Jury's still out on who gets more girls. (My vote's for Kermit. More turning-into-a-prince potential.)

(Credit: Getty Images/Muppet Wiki)

You knew that Willow Smith didn't come up with all that swag by herself. It looks like she jacked it straight from Nora Nicks, the short-lived host of "NTV" on "Sesame Street." Why is this 10-year-old and this puppet from the 1990s cooler than everyone you know? (The answer is mismatched earrings. Boom! Style tip!)

(Credit: @rihanna/Muppet Wiki)

Rihanna is known for being a huge fashion innovator whose hair seems to change on an hourly basis. When she's used up all of her Ronald McDonald inspiration, she needs somewhere to turn. That somewhere is apparently Deena, the young, energetic monster from "Sesame Street."

So what do you guys think? Am I hitting the nail on the head here with these celebrity/puppet comparisons, or do I just need to lay off the cold medicine? Let us know!

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