Buzzworthy Interview: Regina Spektor On Bards, Beatles And The Bronx

(Credit: Liza Chrust/MTV)

You may know Regina Spektor as either that girl who wrote those songs you love in those commercials (I don't care what it's an ad for, I just want to download that SONG!) for XM Satellite Radio, Yahoo, Vodafone, JCPenney and Estée Lauder; movie trailers for "27 Dresses" and "500 Days Of Summer"; and TV shows like "90210," to name a few. Or she's your all-time favorite artist and musical savior, and you worship at her piano like an altar. If you fall into the former camp, it's because you can barely turn on the TV without hearing one of her quirky, lilting, lovely songs like "Fidelity" or "On The Radio" or her intimate, close-to-chest confessions like "The Call" or "Us." But behind the music you've heard selling perfume or a Katherine Heigl movie or providing musical depth to an episode of "Criminal Minds" is a career artist at the age of just 30, with six inimitable anti-folk, baroque-pop albums, a legion of adoring fans, and a Pandora's box of musical influences that range from the Beatles to the bard singers of her native Russia to the Latin music she heard pumping out of cars on the street once she moved to the Bronx.

In this exclusive interview with Regina Spektor, the pianist poet describes what influences the magic of her intelligently artful, wide-eyed and whimsical, lullaby-like music (and finally confirms my long-standing belief that her hair always looks perfect). Plus, watch her "Eet" video and always-unforgettable "Fidelity" video, and check out MTV's exclusive Regina Spektor photo gallery.